Malia is the ideal resort for family holidays and the perfect place for those who are looking for extreme nightlife. As strange as it may sound it is true because Malia is "divided" into two main areas. The old town with its narrow, winding alleys, the numerous small whitewashed churches and the cozy restaurants on the south above the main road.

On the other side towards the beach is the focal point of nightlife. A road 2km long filled with bars and clubs that stay open all night long and are full of young people having fun.

The Minoan palace of Malia, built around 1.900 BC, is the third most important of the Minoan civilization. A beautiful,long,sandy beach lies on the east of the palace.
The fishing village of Sissi is near here and the road that leads to Lassithi plateau can be reached through the old village of Malia.