Sfendoni Cave

Near the village of Zoniana on the slopes of mount Psiloritis is Sfendoni cave. With a length of 550m it covers a total of 3330 sq.m. and displays 14 halls. It is a cave of outstanding beauty due to the formation of massive stalactites and stalagmites. It was used as a habitation site since Neolithic times and as a refuge during the Turkish occupation.
There is a legend attached to the cave, that said about a little girl that found a crack in the rocks and her curiosity led her to crawl inside in order to see what was there. She was fascinated by what she saw and started wandering around going further and further into the cave. When her parents finally found her after a few days she was already dead but with such a sweet smile on her face that everybody said she couldn’t resist the spell of such beauty and that was the reason she could not find her way out.