Elafonisi is a small islet located on the southwest tip of Crete. Exotic beaches with white and pink sand and turquoise waters, reminding of the Caribbean, are formed on either sides of the peninsula. The sand is pinkish in many places, taking its colour from thousands of broken shells.

Easter Sunday of 1824 was a tragic day for this place because of the massacre that took place there. 850 women and children were hidden on the island seeking refuge from the troops of Ibrahim Pasha that had camped on the opposite beach.A horse found the shallow reef that leads from the beach to Elafonisi so the Turks discovered their hiding place and slaughtered them. A memorial plaque is put on the highest point of the island.
The tropical beach is very popular and can be very busy because of all the organised excursions but early in the morning and off season it can still be a place of relaxation. A dirt road from Elafonisi leads to Chrissoskalitisa monastery.