Ida Mountains

Ida mountains, in the centre of Crete, is the range that contains Psiloritis, the highest peak on the island at 2456m. The imposing mass of Psiloritis is visible from everywhere in Crete and is especially impressive during the winter when it’s covered in snow. It used to be considered as a holy mountain and many legends are attached to it. 
Nida plateau is within Ida mountains and Ideon andron is just above.
Anogia is the closest village to the plateau and Kamares cave can also be visited from here. The stone church of the Holy Cross is built on the top of Psiloritis, and great celebrations take place here on the 14th of September (the day of the Holy Cross). All the pilgrims with the priest climb up the mountain the night before and spend the night there in order to participate in the ceremony that takes places inside the small church.