Agia Triada monastery

The monastery of AgiaTriada (Holy Trinity) is located in the Peninsula Akrotiri 16 klm away from Chania. It was built in the 17th century by two brothers, Jeremias and Laurentios, Venetian monks of the Zangaroli family who had converted to the Orthodox faith. On the door of the narthex one can read the inscription which bears the founders’ names and the date 1634.
The church itself is of Byzantine cruciform architecture with three domes. The main church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the two side chapels to St. John the Baptist. The monastery supported the fight for liberation from the Turks and was destroyed during the revolution of 1821. It was an important theological school in the 19th century and its contribution to education was of great significance. The monks that live here now, grow olive trees and vineyards in the surrounding area.