Heraklion city

Heraklion, the capital of Crete is an administrative, industrial and commercial centre. It is a large city, unattractive at first sight yet unforgettable to those that will take the extra effort to look behind the scenes. Some places of interest are: The old harbour next to the busy modern port. The fortress of Koules at the entrance of the Venetian harbour. 
The church of Saint Titos, the patron saint of the island, where his holy skull is kept and the cathedral of Saint Minas. The basilica of San Marco, built by the Venetians and dedicated to their own patron saint.
The Loggia, one of the most elegant Venetian buildings which used to house the Town hall. The characteristic fountain of Morosini, or else "the lions' square" a magnificent round shaped fountain built by local stoneworkers during the Venetian period.     
The archaeological museum of Heraklion has one of the finest and richest collections in Greece. It is also worth visiting the Historical and Ethnographic museum and also the collection of Byzantine icons in the basilica of Saint Ekaterini.