Terms & Conditions of artemisrentacar.com


Please read carefully the terms and conditions below, to ensure you will access our website correctly.


A. Overview of the Terms and conditions for sale of services to customers via our website:


  1. What are terms and conditions for the sale of services to consumers via our website?


We use Terms and conditions for the sale of services to consumers via our website (also known as T&Cs) to sell services online to a consumer on standard terms. The T&Cs cover orders, delivery, pricing, payment, guarantees, cancellation, liability, data privacy and security.


  1. Why do we need terms and conditions for the sale of services to consumers via our website?


Terms and conditions for the sale of services to consumers via our website protect our business interests, ensure that customers know where they stand and help avoid disputes.


  1. How do we implement terms and conditions?


T&Cs are clearly brought to the customer's attention before the sale takes place to ensure that they are binding on the customer. Customers are required to check a box (tick box) stating that they accept them before the order is placed. This tick box includes the terms and conditions (by hyperlink) and allows the customer to store and reproduce T&Cs at any time.


  1. What are the statutory rights of consumers?


When our business deals with a consumer, the consumer benefits from considerable legal protection or statutory rights? Compliance with consumer rights is vital to the way our website operates. There are appropriate and compliant back-office procedures in place to ensure that all orders are confirmed and that any changes to the terms are clearly updated on our website. We cannot legally change or exclude statutory rights, which belong to the consumer. The words "your statutory rights are not affected" are often used to ensure that this is understood by the consumer. These rights are the following:

Our services are of satisfactory quality

Our services are fit for their intended purpose

Our services match the description that was used to advertise or sell these to the consumer


  1. When do we have to refund a consumer?


Consumers are entitled to reject the services if they are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for their purpose or not as described within 30 days from the date they paid a deposit.


  1. We provide  guarantee


We provide a guarantee to repair, replace or refund services which are faulty. In any case, such a guarantee also exists as a statutory right, as long as the customer can show that the services are faulty.


7. Can we specify when payment is required?


We state in the T&Cs the time period for which payment is required for the services. However the time period between payment and delivery of the services cannot be too far apart (eg 1 year in advance of the service).


  1. What if we provide tailor-made or customized services?


It is possible to exclude the possibility of a refund in the case of services which are made to order. However such an exception would not affect a customer's statutory rights in relation to faulty of misrepresented services.


  1. What else do we provide in T&Cs?


We provide an email (Emails are to be forwarded to: info@artemisrentacar.com ) and/or postal address (Our address: ARTEMIS SA – CAR RENTAL-TRAVEL SERVICES / 2 NIK GRAMMATIKAKI str. / 700 07 MALIA /Beach road Malia-Stalis) / GREECE where the customer can send communications which must be in writing, such as a notice cancelling the order or return of purchase. We also set out the accepted payment methods and terms (eg we provide that payment must be made when an order is placed)


  1. Overview of the Website terms and conditions to our customers


  1. What are website terms and conditions?

Our Website terms and conditions give information about our website's content and how visitors are and are not permitted to use it.


  1. Do customers need website terms and conditions?

Website terms of use, help to ensure that customers and users know how our website can and can't be used. The terms set out the rights and obligations of the users and limit our potential liability.


  1. Who do these website terms and conditions apply to?

Website terms and conditions apply to any users or visitors to our website.


  1. How is our website content protected?

Website terms and conditions contain provisions dealing with access to and use of the website. We may rely on such terms to help prevent:

unauthorised access to our website /disclosures of security information by users

unauthorised reproduction of material contained on our website and unacceptable user behaviour such as hacking, introducing viruses and the uploading of illegal or defamatory content.


  1. What are users allowed to do with content on our website?

We can allow users to use our website's content for personal, non-commercial purposes in the following ways:

Displaying and viewing the content of the website

Downloading and storing the content - details of their reservation in electronic form

Printing one copy of the previously mentioned content (customer’s reservation)


  1. What are users not allowed to do with our website?

Users may not upload, distribute or otherwise publish content that is confidential, false, fraudulent, defamatory, threatening, invasive of privacy, infringing intellectual property, illegal or encourages criminal offence. They also aren't allowed to make or store electronic copies of content protected by copyright without our permission.

Our website terms and conditions prevent users from using our website in any way that is harmful, illegal, abusive, harassing, threatening or in breach of any applicable law, regulation or government order.


  1. Are we liable for the content of other websites if our website links to them?

If we decide to allow our users to add links to other websites on our website, we can choose to limit our liability for the content of other sites that are not under our control.


  1. Alterations-Amendments-Cancellations-Refunds

All requests are directed to: Artemisrentacar.com, by email: info@artemisrentacar.com  or at this number:

+30 2897033767 / mobile: +30 6942212688

For cancellations made 14 days prior to the original pickup of the rental car, a full refund will be given.

Should you request a change in your original car request, we will do our best to satisfy it or provide alternative solutions when this is possible.

Artemisrentacar.com reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any rental car at any time if there is a serious reason.

If customers are not on time at the meeting point, and they have not notified us, (this will not apply in a flight delay) we will take this as a NO-SHOW and we will cancel the booking without a refund.


  1. Disclaimers-Liability limitation

Artemisrentacar.com will not be held responsible under the following circumstances:

Acts of governments

War hostilities

Force majeure (natural disasters)

Closure of airports-ports

Strikes-technical difficulties in transport



  1. Inaccessibility

Artemisrentacar.com is entitled to prevent access to the website without notice.



All the above terms and conditions will be interpreted by the Greek Law. Any dispute will be the responsibility of the Greek courts.