Frangokastello is a small, beautiful village on the southwest coast of Crete. It took its name from the impressive castle (castello in Italian) that stands on the beach. It was built by the Venetians in 1340 in order to protect themselves from pirates and the constant revolts of the locals. They called it Franco Castello (French castle) and the name remains the same until today.
With the White Mountains on the background and the sea's crystal clear water this place is like a paradise on earth.
Because of its unique location it provides wonderful opportunities for swimming, walking in the unspoilt Cretan countryside and hiking through the nearby gorges.  
A strange phenomenon is related to Frangokastello:every year on a morning of May, shadows of armed men can be seen marching towards the castle.
They are called Drosoulites. They reach the sea and they disappear into it with the first rays of sun. Many have tried to explain it in a scientific way and said that it is a mirage from the coast of North Africa, but still there is no accepted explanation.