Rethymno city

Rethymno, the capital of the prefecture of the same name. is built between two other large cities of Crete. At the east is Heraklion (80 klm) and to the west is Chania (60 klm). It is the administrative and commercial centre of the prefecture attracting many tourists and has a significant cultural activity. It is a  picturesque town with traditional as well as modern elements. The old part of the town has an atmosphere that resembles the Venetian period and the Turkish occupation.
The rest of the areas surrounding the harbour, have also many superb monuments such as the “fortezza” fortress, lodgia, a monument from the Cretan renaissance, the Rimondi fountain (rebuilt in 1626), the Venetian harbour and many churches and mosques such as Saint Franciscus church and the Great door mosques. You can also visit many museums exhibiting various parts of the Cretan and Greek art. The great advantage of Rethymno is that it’s located around the centre of the island, which means that you can easily visit other beautiful and famous places using Rethymno as your starting point.