Richtis Gorge

The astonishing gorge of Richtis, is located on the north coast of the Lasithi prefecture, in the village of Exo Mouliana, just before the town of Sitia. The route is about 3 kilometres long, descending 350 metres from the starting to the finishing point at the beach.
Hiking through the gorge takes 3-4 hours. The entrance to the gorge is the stone-arched bridge of Lachanas, built in the 19th century. The amazing scenery through beautiful lush vegetation, with the mountains soaring above and the smell of numerous herbs such as oleander and sage, the old water mills as well as the plane trees growing along the ever-trickling streams will impress the hiker.
Half-way down the gorge, the spectacular waterfall and the small pond that is formed below, invite you for a swim.
The pond is filled with fresh water all year round. The route finishes at the gorgeous, rugged pebbly beach,  with tamarisk trees scattered all around the area. The stone seats and tables, built for the visitors to rest are a welcoming surprise.