Georgioupolis is on the north coast of Crete, about 35klm away from Chania and 20klm from Rethymno.
It is a coastal village situated at the bay of Almiros.
In fact it is built on the delta of the river Almiros and that is the reason it was called Almiroupolis (city of Almiros).

At the beginning of the century when Crete was united with Greece, the city's name was changed to Georgioupolis, after the King of Greece, King George.
The special features of the place are the famous traditional bakery at the entrance of the village and the eucalyptus trees, especially the pretty eucalyptus avenue on the old road to Vrisses. Impressive and beautiful scenery is backed by the panorama of the white mountains.

The full of vineyards,olive and cypress groves landscape with its small mountain villages is especially lovely for a day's excursion. Don't miss to visit the Kournas lake, the only fresh water lake in Crete. 
Georgioupolis is a very popular holiday destination with long sandy beaches and numerous tavernas, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops but without losing its original charm and tranquillity.