Rethymno prefecture - Introduction

The prefecture of Rethymno lies between two large mountain ranges, the White mountains and Ida or Psiloritis. The town of Rethymno is the capital of the prefecture, a picturesque town with venetian and turkish elements and a magnificent old harbour. 
The most popular resorts in this area are Panormos, a flourishing small town near Rethymno town and Bali, situated on the north coast. Plakias and Agia Galini are two favourite resorts on the south coast of Crete. For a more traditional approach of the island one could visit Margarites, the pottery centre of the province, Argyroupoli and its picturesque waterfalls and Melidoni cave.
On the north hill of Ida mountains is Anogia, the traditional village, famous for its struggles for freedom during the turkish occupation and Nida plateau just above. 
The ancient town of Eleftherna, Sivritos, Axos, and the Armeni cemetery are some of the archaeological sites that can be found in Rethymno.
A visit to Arkadi monastery, famous for the 1866 sacrifice of its defenders is a must and the monastery  of Preveli cannot be missed.