Archaeological museum
The archaeological museum of Heraklion was founded in 1883 and it was housed in two rooms as initially it was simply a collection of antiquities. After the Second World War and after a proper building to house the museum was found, the rooms were opened to the public and since then it accepts thousands of visitors each year. The museum now consists of twenty halls where the exhibits are classified in such a way that the visitor can follow the progress of the Minoans chronologically. The archaeological museum of Heraklion has one of the finest and richest collections in Greece. All the findings from Knossos and other Minoan palaces are exhibited here. Outstanding examples of minute sculpture, ceramic art, brooches carved on tiny surfaces, can be found here, as well as a collection of precious jewellery, metalwork, furniture, tools, household items, weapons and idols.

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Historical and Ethnological museum
It was founded in 1953 by the society of Cretan studies. The historical and Ethnographic museum of Heraklion, gives the visitor the opportunity to wander through the history and culture of Crete, from the early Christian period to the present time. There is a medieval and renaissance collection with sculpture, inscriptions, ecclesiastic vessels, coins and jewellery. a very interesting collection of memorabilia from the Cretan struggle for independence and two special rooms for Nikos Kazantzakis and is founded with some of his personal belongings and mementoes.
Collection of Byzantine icons
It is housed in the Basilica of S.Ekaterini and is also known as the museum of Ecclesiastical art.                      

Archaeological museum
It is housed in the Venetian church of S.Franciscus and it includes important finds from the surrounding area, from Neolithic to Roman period.
Historical archives of Crete and museum
It is housed in a neoclassical building. Among the other historical relics, personal belongings and mementoes of El. Venizelos are on show.
Nautical museum
It is housed in a building belonging to the fort “Firca”.





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