The monastery of Vrondisi is located 50 klm away from Heraklion on the south slope of Psiloritis. It overlooks the plain of Mesara and the Libyan sea. It is a double nave church dedicated to S. Anthony, the patron saint of monks and Apostle S.Thomas. The bell-tower is independent from the church with its own entrance and bears the influence of the catholic style of the time.

During the last centuries of the Venetian rule, the monastery was known for the notable painters, the many scholars and the venerable monks in its community. Michalis Damaskinos, a famous painter of the Cretan renaissance, painted here six of his masterpieces, which are now in the museum of Ag. Ekaterini in Heraklion. Outside the monastery walls under two very old plane-trees, is a beautiful Venetian fountain that depicts Adam and Eve in relief standing over four lions with water pouring out of their mouths, representing the four sources of Eden.


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