The deserted monastery of Varsamonero is located about 53km southwest of Heraklion, on the southern slopes of Psiloritis Range. It was built in a panoramic area near Vorizia village, overlooking the plain of Messara.The monastery is abandoned today and though its cells have been destroyed, some of the most remarkable wall paintings in Crete can be found on its church. These paintings prove that the monastery was a significant art centre and show the high artistic level of the Cretan painting in the 15th century.


 Apart from the wall  decorations other  remarkable icons  belonged to the  monastery of  Varsamonero,painted  by  the famous artist,  Angelos. This  monastery  was also  known for its  studies.  A great number  of  books ,not only  religious but ancient  Greek texts as well  could  be found in its  library. The monastery  was  deserted in the  18th  century.




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