Gouverneto is one of the oldest monasteries in Crete. According to tradition it was founded by St. John the Hermit in 1537. It is a typical example of the orthodox monastic architecture with strong Venetian influences visible throughout. It has a form of a fortress with four square towers at the corners, which played an important defensive role.


During the revolution of 1821, the Turks plundered the monastery. Many monks were killed and the archives of the monastery were destroyed. However, after the liberation it flourishes once more mostly because of its large property in flocks. Later during the Second World War the monastery of Gouverneto was heavily damaged again, when German forces established a guardhouse in its premises. The main church is dedicated to the Entry of Mary – Our Lady of the Angels. A beautiful vaulted church, with turrets at each corner and fine Venetian carvings on the facade.



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