The ancient city if Eleftherna is located to the southwest of Rethymno at a distance of about 30 klm. It is built on a hill, which is called Lefterna. It is not known when the city was established although post Minoan, protogeometric and many roman relics were discovered there. The port of the city was Panormos and Eleftherna was a marine superpower.




Its inhabitants were farmers, merchants and sailors. Ruins of roman structures, Hellenistic walls and buildings and an early Christian basilica can be found on the east side of the city. On the northern side of the hill there was a temple probably dedicated to the god Apollo. The ruins of a Roman viaduct and an old water mill are also worth seeing as well as the cisterns, cut unto the hard rock with dimensions of 40m long 25m wide and 6m high.

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