Cretan Dances

Cretan Dances

This is the most famous Cretan dance, favourite everywhere in Crete. It is a war dance,
with firm decisive steps followed by aggressive fast ones. It represents revolution, heroism and hope.

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It is also called Chaniotis, after the western prefecture of the island.
It is a slow dance that expresses love and secret wishes, sad or happy stories with simple, creeping steps.

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This is the lovers' dance of Crete. Couples standing opposite each other express the rich emotions of Cretan people
with rich playful steps.

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Siganos is a team dance, the dance of friendship and freedom. The dancers are holding firmly each other's shoulders
forming a chain of unity and dance with slow but decisive steps.

Maleviziotis is a masculine dance, with fast and impressive stunts. It is linked to ancient war dances and its lively and brisk rhythm gives the opportunity to the dancers to show off their agility and stamina.

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